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New 'fruit garden'



  • imageimageshould of posted these first, this was what I started with when i began in late august 

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    You really have worked hard to get the ground cleared and the beds in. It is nice this time of year as it gives you a bit of time before spring to get organised. Maybe some trees at the end of the garden to give you some privacy from the road? 

    Have you done a soil test, you may find your blueberries will be fine ? Maybe some perennials too in your borders to attract bees and look pretty ?

  •  Hi nick1988raynor

    Wow what a transformation.very well done and I know it takes a good effort to stain the fence as well which I noticed you had done.Everyone has given such good advice all I am going to say is enjoy whatever you grow.I recommend "Burpless" variety of cucumber which you can grow in your raised bed.They just need either trellis or galvanised wire   with bamboo canes staked into the ground and they will grow well

    Best Regards

    Jolly Gary

  • imageimageI wanted to grow a fruit bearing plant climbing up a fence something like this. Was thinking blackberries or grapes? Does anyone know what might grow nicely lile this? 

  • Gardening and planting is a good activity. everyone should do this. and everyone should have a small fruit nursery.

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  • If you plant two or more of the same apple or pear trees they will not cross pollinate, the trees will carry the same pollen (putting it very simply) you will need two apples or pears of different varieties which blossom at the same time or just overlap.

    Also if they are likely to get hit by late frost go for fruit trees which blossom later, a good garden centre should be able to give you some advice.

    To make the best out of your space you could plant apple and pears growing as cordons not espalier, they take up less space so you can get more varieties in.

    Good work so far, well done .

  • IThis is posting long long after the horse has bolted lol

    Anyway if anyone finds this thread because if the bump, what you need in that sized space is a dwarfing rootstock (I would have said M9) and to do research into pollination groups.

    Top Tip:  golden delicious is a super pollinator and is compatible with a phenomenal amount of other trees so I would have recommended with sticking one in the middle and using that as a starting point.

  • Just an update of progress so far this year. Space on the right for the kids play area, all needs leveling off! Trees finally showing growth, was worried at one point id killed them!!
  • I haven't been on here much since I started the project but thought I'd post some more recent pics of how it has developed so far
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