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Camellia Cuttings

Hello I'm really new to taking cuttings from plants so any advice would be most welcome!

I've taken some cuttings from my parents beautiful Camellia shrub and have followed online instructions on how to take cuttings. They are in pots and all looking green but no signs of any growth or root activity as its only been about 5 days.

However, the past few days, several green leaves have started to drop off. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

The soil is not wet, just moist and I've placed them all in a clear container with a cover and in my home as my growhouse is propably rather cold.

What am I doing wrong? Any advice please?

Many thanks


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    I haven't taken cuttings from Camellias myself, but it's not advisable to have many leaves left on. I think two is more than enough for shrubs. The idea is for the cutting to root instead of having to sustain the top half of the plant. The more top half you have, the more chances for the plant to dry out.

    5 days is a very short time for shrubs. Some cuttings can take up to months to root. 

  • Thanks for your Reply. All the cuttings have no more than 2 leafs and they are cut in half. 

    You could be right in saying I have too much top half as my cuttings could be a little on the tall side. 

    I just don't know why after 5 days the leaf drop, I guess you're right, the top half drying out as I have them too tall. 

    Looking at them again my shorter ones seem to be doing well but my taller ones are drying out very quickly and leaves are dropping! 

    Thank you for the advice!

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  • Camellias (and Rhododendrons) are not easy from cuttings as they are very slow. If you can get it, root them in sphagnum moss rather than soil. Otherwise use a generous amount of vermiculite.

    Good luck. Ian

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  • Thank you. I will try the vermiculite which I purchased today.

    My cuttings have no more than 3 leaves. some are just two and they are cut in half.

    My shorter cuttings, seem ok however, today one leaf has dropped off so, the leaf dropping happens with taller and shorter cuttings.

    I think I will try the vermiculite and with new cuttings.

    thank you!

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