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hi I have a hedge not sure what it is but all the leaves look like they have been eaten by something and looks like it is dying see pictures any ideas please




  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,687

    I'm guessing it might be Privet but sadly it's quite hard to ID due to the damage on the leaves. There could be a number of things wrong ranging from Vine Weevil problems, leading to caterpillars eating the leaves. Fungus developing due to the damp conditions which could be brought on from previous years where infected leaves have not been removed around the area, so continuing the cycle of re-infection, and pruning of the shrub at the wrong time or using instruments that are not properly cleaned.

    The shrub looks very tightly clipped which sometimes creates a lack of air flow, and in high rainfall and warm conditions, it's far more susceptible to fungal growth. When pruning, make sure the plant is not wet. In extreme dry weather, make sure it is well watered, or mulched to create a more ideal growing condition. But most of all, rake away dead or fallen leaves by winter time and then put down a new layer of mulch. 

  • Thanks for the reply but it's too big for me to look after it like that as it is on grass verge along my fence which is highways land so I think I'll contact them to have a look cheers

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