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Viola cutting

Pansy viola cutting and how to grow


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    I don't know

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    Do you mean you want to know how to take cuttings of violas? 

    I'd probably divide rather than take cuttings at this time of year, if I had a good sized plant. A plant filling a six inch pot, for instance, would divide into two or three plants, and you'd pot them up and they'd grow away almost with no checking, and be good, sturdy little plants to  put out in their final place next year.

    If you want a cutting, it may be a bit late now, but you would do it the same way as most plants  -  a few inches of a suitable stem (non flowering) nipped out below a leaf joint,  and take off most of the leaves, leaving a couple or so. Pop it into some gritty compost  - you'd put about three or so in a four inch pot, round the egde - water, and leave somewhere sheltered till rooted.  Once they're rooting well, you would then pot up individually and grow them on. 

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    I live in west central Scotland - not where that photo is...
  • Thanks for that and your patience just got started

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