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Wire pattern that can be filled with coloured stones


i'm a newbie and not green fingered but I have a very large garden and I've been working on different sections and it's looking great.  But I've had a idea and no matter how much I've googled I can't find anything on it so wonder if anybody can help.  I'd like a very large wire/plastic mould of a rose or flower that I can use a centre piece and fill with coloured stone.  Surely I'd assume their would be something out there?...... has anybody any ideas how I can achieve it? Thanks so much in advance.


  • There are grids that can be used for parking areas that contain gravel to stop it shifting or spreading. You can grow grass up through them too. You could buy something like that and cut out the pattern you want???

    This is the kind of thing and you could probably cut it with a hacksaw or similar. image

  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 53,924

    If you've already searched and not found anything, it suggests there isn't such a thing available. 

    You don't say how big you want this to be, but how about that bendy, flexible metal edging? Could you shape that into curves yourself to achieve it? It wouldn't make a tight space , but if you have a big enough area to create it, it might work. Perhaps using something else that's similar for the tightest spaces. 

    Alternatively, you may need to get a welder / metal worker /blacksmith to make something bespoke. I dare say it would be pricey though image

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    I live in west central Scotland - not where that photo is...
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    How large do you want it? Do you mean you want to do a stone mosaic? image

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  • Brilliant thanks guys and gals.  

    This is what I'm thinking about.  I did find a mould type thing to make your own stones.  But it was a mould not something you can fill with stones.  i want it big.  I am lucky enough (if you call it that) to have a half acre plot so the part of the garden I want to do this on is wasteland at the moment that nobody sees so I want it to look nice.  We have just started on another section where a large water feature is going to go and (hanging head) I'm putting fake grass on that bit.  I am sure that is every green fingered gardens nightmare so I did say we wasn't green fingered......... 

  • Hog weed this perfect type thing where did you see his. Plant pauper I've seen this but husband isn't diy man so said he couldn't attempt cutting in to shape and I'd want it to look nice lol.........  fairy girl I've searhed wire mess to make garden feature, moulds and stone features for the garden can't think what else to try.  Couple of things came up in America but nothing that would give me what I'm after........ I just want the design made that I can fill with coloured stone so I can see in my head what I'm after......... but a mosaic type thing or even stencil one would be perfect........... thanks again for answering me.

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    There are plenty of books around that give the basics of garden mosaics. And probably lots of YouTube videos. They are laid using a wet or dry mix of sand and cement. 

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    My fear is  that , unless you're a highly skilled artist. It might look totally naff. 

    Such things tend to look effortless , but are highly skilled and time consuming.

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    Can't imagine how you'd keep it weeded, short of drenching regularly with something lethal.

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