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leaves being eaten

All my roses have had their new leaves eaten almost completely away, leaving only the centre vein, they look to be covered in small caterpillars, I'm just cutting them off, should I compost? bin? leave?roses healthy otherwise, haven't used any sprays other than a bit of seaweed earlier in the year, any advice welcome, thanks in advance


  • It could be sawfly caterpillars they can defoliate a plant in days.  A pyrethrum based spray will do the trick or you could always try the "Victorian garden" method old Harry Dodson  blew them off onto lime on the ground with a cap gun! still my favourite episode ever.

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    Had a quick google, I do think it's sawfly caterpillars, will look for a spray , need a visit to G.C

  • rosemummyrosemummy Posts: 2,010

    Thanks very much for replying Iain

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