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Feeding hornbeam hedge after renovating?

Hi. I've just had to renovate my mature hornbeam hedge as it was being suffocated by a large amount of ivy. We have cut the ivy back & are waiting for it to die. We are also not sure if this why it was browning early or if it had a fungus. have been advised to give lots of manyre. Should I do that now or is it likely to. E too poorly to handle a feed just yet? Thanks. 


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,016

    I think a good tidy up round the base, a water, unless it's already well moistened, and a good mulch with well rotted manure or compost is really all it would need just now.

    Sometimes it's a lack of good air flow that causes a bit of damage and browning foliage, so perhaps the clear out you've given it will solve the problem. Hornbeam's pretty trouble free, so it's unlikely that there's anything serious going on. Keep an eye on it for now, and if you think there's still a problem, you can always come back and ask for more help image

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  • Thanks fairygirl. Will do.

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