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Dealing with Summer Raspberry canes

I've just cut out the brown canes from my summer fruiting raspberries and I'm left with the [more or less] 'green' canes for next year.

Trouble is, I planted the canes in a double row very close together. The green canes left after my pruning, as above, are about 4' - 5' tall, whippy and with growth only for the top 6" or foot.

Help! Should I tie these to canes as they are, or cut them down and hope they grow in time for the new crop next year.

Any advice very welcome.


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  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,262

    If you cut them down you will have no fruit next year. I assume you mean there are only leaves on the top six inch of the cane. That is normal. Tie the new canes on to supports. In Spring side shoots will come out of the top foot or so which will bear next years fruit.  Give them a feed in March and then mulch heavily. The only canes I would cut out now are very spindly ones .  Leave  three or four strong canes to each  original plant. They should be at least a few inches apart.

  • Thanks to Scroggin and Fidgetbones!!! I'll buy some more bamboo canes tomorrow and have a go. Thank you both for your speedy response. I'll be more careful next year!

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