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  • Why are this year's tomatoes so tasty, Is it the odd summer weather?  Or maybe my compost experiment worked.  Has anyone else noticed a difference?

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    Apophthegm -  a big word for a small thought.
    If you live in Derbyshire, as I do.
  • My worse year ever with growing tomatoes I've already stripped them out and got rid also,dreadful year for runner beans.

  • Thanks for your comments.  I can't understand it.  Mine were in a greenhouse and I cut the tops off when they reached 10 feet high, sideshoots are still appearing each day.  Things aren't so good outside though, slugs are everywhere doing damage.

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    I always sow a 'free' packet each year and usually end up with twenty plants, most of which I give away to friends and family. This year is the first year mine haven't had blight! The harvest is mediocre but they do taste great. I used the 'Cherry Red' free seeds with GW magazine. 


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    My garden and I live in South Wales. 
  • Tomatoes need warmth more than anything to do well. I think a lot has depended on where you are & what your local micro-climate is like. Mine have done very well this year but 2 years ago though we had warm days we had cool nights & they were slow to ripen & lacked flavour. Oddly enough though they are thirsty plants over watering & too much cosseting tends to result in rather insipid flavour as well.

    AB Still learning

  • Thanks Ian R.  We're in the West country so 'outside growers' get loads of rain.  Our tomatoes last year in the greenhouse were hopeless, sometimes a plant not even producing one full truss.  I'm certain this was due to planting too many in 9 inch rows and overcrowding the soil.  We spaced out by zig zagging this year around peppers and aubergines (that grow lower).

  • Thanks for responding Patsy F.  I also removed leaves this year (a whole wheelie bin pressed down!)  Thought at first I thought I'd overdone it but there are new flowers still forming at the tops even though they were cut off.  sometimes I've left sneaky sideshoots to develop and there's even more trusses now.   I grew some the same types in various sized pots and the ground and found that anything less than a 10 inch pot stunts the growth accordingly.

  • I don't know why people are so keen to remove leaves from their tomatoes. I can understand taking off leaves when they're obviously fading and senescing, or have become very shaded by leaves above, but I don't see any sense in removing leaves that are still healthy and functional.

  • Had the best year for many years.              

    lovely tasting ,solid and large,grew my usual variety alicanti and not one plant was blighted niehhbours got a good supply as well.

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