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Does anyone know what this shrub is


I saw this and thought it had lovely delicate little flowers and was swarming with bees


  • That looks like a Salvia ... Possibly S. Hot lips. 

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  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,300

    in its mostly white phase image

    I haven't decided if I like Hot Lips yet

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  • Thank you for that and am now going to buy one maybe even a couple of them the more pollinators in my garden the better as I lost all my fruit buds on my trees this year and ended up with nothing considering I had so much blossom than I had ever had.

  • I must admit I'm a bit underwhelmed with it too, I think I bought it, a) because I liked it he name and b) because it was reduced! 

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  • Salvia hot lips is very easy to propagate I would be doing this before I bought new plants, but If you are buying new plants I would wait until the spring as it's not always hardy and you could buy now and loose them through the winter.

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