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Gooseberry moving

         I  would like to move my gooseberry plants.  they are well established (about 3 years old).  I thought that I might be able to do this during the winter, while they are dormant but my wife believes that once established, gooseberries cannot be moved.   Can any one tell me who is right?


  • You should be fine to move them any time after all the leaves have dropped.  They are relatively young at 3yo so will soon recover but do make sure to move them with as large a rootball as you can manage.  If you find any roots which you can't remove then cut them cleanly rather than letting them tear.

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  • Thanks.  I'll try moving them in November, after I've pruned them?

  • This is an example where Rootgrow Micorrhizal fungi would help with reestablishment. 

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