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White Bird Of Paradise

Hello, I am totally new to this site and have only really discovered the joy of having plants in the last 3 years. Now I love them! So forgive me for not knowing much at all. For a long time I wanted a White Bird of Paradise and I recently ordered one. It arrived in what I consider to be a very sorry shape and the company I ordered it from (absolutely dreadful by the way but I know I'm probably not allowed to use names on here!) are refusing to refund me or help at all. They are saying its in 'perfect condition'. So I have this WBOP who looks very sorry for himself and I desperately want to make him better and give him the love he has obviously been lacking. I have attached photos, he is a strange yellowy colour, leaves are shredded and missing. Also the leaves are curled and looked dry and shrivelled on the edges. He arrived with only 2 and a half leaves. 

any advice would be appreciated! Thank you



  • LynLyn Posts: 23,190

    They do shred like that, it will grow up fron the bottom as it settles down and warmer weather arrives.


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    In spring and summer you need to keep its compost moist, but not sodden, and feed it fortnightly with flowering house plant food or maybe liquid tomato feed.  Stop feeding and reduce watering gradually thru autumn and let it get quite dry between waterings thru winter.  Start again in spring.

    It wants to be in a sunny, well ventilated spot in summer - outside is good - but it needs to be warm at night with a minimum of about 12C.   The best compost/growing medium is a John Innes no 3 loamy soil with added grit for drainage.  Check the base of the pot in spring and, if roots are visible, re-pot in a slightly bigger size of pot.  If it has reached your maximum pot size, remove the top inch or so of compost and add fresh every spring.

    It's a long time since I've grown one of these and it wasn't the white form but mine liked an occasional holiday in the shower - good rinse to get off all the dust and also left there while we were away on hols along with our ficus benjamina.  Other plants rinsed in the bath with a bit of water and the door closed to make a micro-climate.

    The RHS has this advice on care - 

    There is a name and shame thread somewhere for suppliers who deliver poor quality plants or bad customer care.   We also have one for the good guys.

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  • Thank you so much for replying. As I mentioned I am new to this so this help is very appreciated. I am keeping it inside at the moment as I only have a tiny balcony. Hopefully I will have it feeling better soon!

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