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Oriental Lillie's Vs Daylillies

I want to grow some Daylillies but I may already have some (or they could be oriental Lillie's)

Is there a difference between the two varieties please?

The ones I have grow a single stem out of a bulb and produce very impressive flowers that last a few days.

Can anyone recommend where to buy day Lillie's please?



  • My lilies have a stem with little leaves all the way up but my day lily has leaves more like Iris stylee that grow up from the base. Not terribly technical I'm afraid but that's how I see them. 

    There are some stunning Day Lilies apparently but the one I inherited is the biggest wishy washy orange one in the world. fills a giant space so not all bad. image

  • PP is correct. Also, daylilies do not have bulbs, and are not affected by Lily Beetle.

    I can recommend the following specialist nurseries, but you can find a few varieties in most garden centres: 

  • Here's a good starting point for more info on Day lilies, Hemerocallis. 

    Best to find a specialist nursery for plants, you don't often see them in GCs and there are hundreds, even thousands to choose from.

    I have quite a few in my garden and almost everyone is a favourite at flowering time. They are reliable, tidy in the border,  the leaves look neat and stay fresh looking till well into autumn and they put on a fantastic show in almost any soil given a bit of sun. There are some lovely scented ones too, I have H. lilio asphodelus that flowers in May, and Hyperion, for summer flowers. I am not so fond of the big blousy American hybrids, but I do love my old double one, Kwanso, or the Tawny day lily  for its subtle colours. It could be PP's wishy washy orange thoughimage

  • Oh BCD if only. Mine looks like that one that has been left in the back window of a car! It's beside a wishy washy potentilla and a slightly less wishy washy potentilla. My predecessor obviously had a tonal moment! image He had a lot of moments... image

  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,687

    Hemerocallis over Lillies anyday. Not totally fussy and can cope with a bit of dappled shade. So many to choose from. Tall to small varieties. The leaves make great border plants even when not in flower. They mix much better in a border. Clarie Austin stocks a large choice from what I remember. Worth looking at.

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