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What plant it this

Hi I'm new to gardening and am really enjoying it.i recently got a cutting from a friends greenhouse of a lovely looking. I replanted it and within a few months it's more then doubled in size. It is in a tub in my garden and looked very pretty.

I have googled descriptions of it and looked through lots of pictures to try and find out what it is but not had any luck as none of them look like mine :/ please can any one help?

Thank you. Tina

Trying to add a picture but it dosnt seem to appear..hmm frustrating


  • Start with the camera icon top right of the text box. If the green line doesn't show progress across the bottom, reduce the size of the picture. That sometimes works.

  • Thank you.

    Nope still not letting me :/ it lets me choose my photo but then nothing happens. It's only small as I took it on my phones camera. Think il try and take another pic.

    Only I could join a site and try and find the I'd of a plant then not be able to up load a pic of it! ? I will keep trying.

  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053

    Doesnt always follow - the pics from some phones are large.

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