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Out of Rose Bush

Hi all

I am new here and am hoping that someone can give me some advice. I have a rose bush in my garden that is badly out of control. Unfortunately I have had issues with a neck injury all summer and have been unable to do much until now.

The bush is well over 20 years old and the base is now just thick stumpy branches covered in thorns. As you will see (hopefully) in the photo, there are two particularly long branches. The other bush that is growing in amongst it is also out of control but I don't know what it is (when it flowers there are lovely wee white flowers up the end of the branchesimageimageimage. I don't think you could kill either of them if you tried as they grow like wildfire every year! I want to try and tidy them up but with us coming out of summer, I don't know when I can and how much I should take off. Help please! 

Thank you.



  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,121

    Can't tell if the shrub is Photinia (Stranvaesia) davidiana 'Palette' , or a variegated Osmanthus , (probably  neither knowing my luck)image .

    I would certainly cut the rose to ground anytime , and leave to luck ; that way you'd regain a semblance of order in that spot in your garden . Those 'shrub-roses' as I call them are pretty tough , and you may be surprised just how quickly it recovers .

  • Thanks Paul! I looked both of those shrubs up but neither are right unfortunately. I'll try and get better pictures tomorrow.

    Thanks for the advice about the roses. I had read some guides online but was just a bit nervous about taking it right back. When you say 'to ground', how far do you mean? The bottom is a huge cluster of old thick branches, most of them don't sprout new branches or buds. It's only two or three that actually have anything growing from them. I may be wrong but I assume I should trim away those old dead branches?

    Thanks again:-)

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