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Neighbours and conifer

Hi there,I was just wondering if any one can help me please,I posted a while back with the problems I'm having with next door,the story is we had to conifers in our garden,we got a letter stating they had to come down as they were causing problems with next doors property,we said ok we will take them down as my son is a tree surgeon,well the trouble was he went to take them down and noticed a black bird nesting,so we had to wait a while,then the black bird nested again so we had to wait again,while all this was happening next door got very funny with us and the owner knowing the birds were nesting decided to spray with a electric sprayer creocoat on his fence,after about a week the tree started to go all brown and died from the middle,cut the story sort last weekend my son cut the trees down and he showed me the middle trunk of the tree,it was all black and looked burnt from my neighbors side and smelled of chemicals,so my neighbour had not only sprayed his fence but all so sprayed on to my two tress knowing there were birds nesting,what can I do about this,I have kept the trunk for evidence,what makes this so up setting is that he is a police man,and if I call the police to show them what he has done will they do anything ,he has done criminal damage to the tress,but will I have a leg to stand on if they had to come down in the first place,please can any of you give me some advice please,many thanks Natalie x


  • KT53KT53 Posts: 8,454

    There seems little point in trying to take action if the trees have to come down anyway.  The police are unlikely to be interested, whether he's a police officer or not.

  • Dave HumbyDave Humby Posts: 1,145

    As frustrating as it is Nahalie I think this is one of those things to let go and not consume yourself with additional worry and stress that an ongoing situation might bring. Sometimes it's easier said than done to let things go but in this case I would. 

  • Thank you both of you with your feed back it was so kind of you both,and yes your proberly both right in dropping the situation,it's just so sad that he just couldn't wait for the birds to finish nesting when he sprayed inside the trees,I forgot to mention earlier that my son found Three nests and one of the nests nearer the middle of the trees there were some dead little chicks,may be died from the spray or the mummy black bird just left them I will never no,I'm moving in a months time so may be its best to just move and not to worry and look back,I feel very sorry for the new owners,they sure will wish after a couple of months that they hadn't moved in bless them,we'll have a lovely day and many thanks again xx

  • Dave HumbyDave Humby Posts: 1,145

    Those are even more reason(s) to let it slide Natalie. 'Disputes' with neighbours need declaring when selling and as you are off anyway it just won't be worth the hassle all round.

    Some folks love nature and animals more than others. That's just life. 

  • Ah bless you Dave,yes when filing out our solicitors forms we had to write down that the two tress had to come down and we told the new owners as well,they wonted us to keep the tress up but we told them we couldn't and that they had to come down,they weren't even that big really,next door have 10 conifers in there garden near my two,there's were aloud to stay but mine wasn't,never mind they are both down,and yes I'm such an animal lover and I loved watching the first brood of chicks leave the nest,many thanks 

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