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Leggy Morello Cherry

We have had a Morello cherry in the garden for a few years and have not pruned it properly (well not at all).  It is now really leggy with all the green growth very high up the tree and spindly thin leggy side shoots.  Want some advice as to how we might be able to rescue it as it is looking very sad now.

Any advice gratefully received.



  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,699

    Without pictures it's hard to see whether it's a light prune or a more harder prune. You can prune off some shoots now if you want, and this will be totally fine. But, it's good to see the branch structures in spring time, so again, at that time, it gives you a second chance to prune branches that you feel are shooting up too high. Remove branches down to the next join. Usually that helps to make the tree grow width ways.

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