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Can anyone identify these please

Hi having planted a lot of bare roots (the plant catalogues only show flowers not leaves) and having new top soil (already identified Garlic mustard that must have been in the top soil, thanks to this forum) I currently have 4 unidentified plants.  Please can anyone tell me what any of them are? - for the yellow flower please ignore the leaves, they are from other plants.




  • 1) looks like Alkanet

    2) is Coltsfoot, I think

    3) is an Allium, probably Moly (keep)

    4) Looks like Hogweed

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  • Thank you so much.

    For this year I've been letting everything I don't recognise grow until it flowers so I can identify.  It looked better than loads of bare earth anyway.  I'll pull the weeds out now, the perennials I've planted are filling out now so it won't be so empty.


  • josusa47josusa47 Posts: 3,530

    I think no. 2's leaves look too big for coltsfoot, I'd say it's petasites.

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