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ideas for espalier?

We have a patch of wall at the back of our house - sunny, sheltered south-facing - ideal for a fruit tree methinks.   A metre and a half perhaps width-wise.

I would like to try espalier - and wondered whether anyone had any good recommendations.

We already grow two pear trees so not interested in another, and not overly fussed with apple either although 'red windsor' may be of interest as long as there isn't too much disease?  what was putting me off apples was the 'scab' and other diseases that they can suffer, plus i'm not a huge fan of the fruit itself.

I was considering plum.   We already have a Victoria in the border which gave us 30 lovely fruits in its first crop this year.

I like the look of Mirabelle - how does it taste?   Any other recommended ones for dessert plums?

Thanks all.


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 30,006

    Mirabelle are small and very sweet with no tang.  We have a couple of trees in this garden and I've made jam (Possum's favourite) but too sweet for me.   

    Since you're sheltered and south facing, why not try an apricot?

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  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,143

    Why not try something 'different' from the usual ; have you thought about training the twining climber Actinidia , or Kiwi fruit ?

    Maybe not to everyones taste , but an attractive plant is always a bonus when cultivating fruit !

    Sunny and south-facing is ideal .

  • What about Cambridge gage, would that be juicier than mirabelle?  Anyone heard of Severn cross plums, meant to be good also?

    Would peaches and nectarines be viable - I had no idea these could be grown in this country?

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