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Non invasive climbers

fhcfhc Posts: 3

We are in the process of removing a climber from my garden wall - though it gave a great coverage and extended the wall up by about a meter giving more privacy it has significantly damaged the wall. 

The garden is pretty much south facing

Are there any great climbers that would give good coverage/height but that wont damage the wall? 

Thanks in advance :) 


  • fhcfhc Posts: 3

    Shpuld have also said - would like to avoid things birds can nest in for the birds safety as we have a number of pets that would chase birds 

  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,162

    If the wall is damaged it would be best to repare it and then attach either battens to support trellis or vine eyes, screwed into the wall in rows 12 to 18 inches apart - 40 to 45cms - to hold wire tensioned between them.

    Then the choice is wide depending on which season of interest you are after.   There are clematis that flower in winter, others in spring, some in late spring then a lesser flush in late summer and others all summer.  They can grow to a wide variety of height which gives length when trained horizontally.   Wide variety of flower shapes and colours too.  Have a look here - using colour or flowering time or aspect or all three as your search criteria.

    Then there are climbing and rambling roses offering a wide variety of colour, perfume, repeat flowering or not and honeysuckles.  Jasmine or passiflora if you are in a mild area.  

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