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watering cuttings via saucers?

Is it OK to water my lavender cuttings via the saucers?

How often should I water them?

I wondered whether anyone could explain the capillary action here, in other words, will the compost take up only as much as it needs to stay moist?

I obviously don't want to risk waterlogging but I'm also not keen to water from above seeing how easily the leaves can blacken and dislike moisture on them.   Don't want to unsettle them either.


  • Well I just added water and they seem to be absorbing it a treat from the saucers (7cm pots).  The surface looks dry but i'm not worried as they will be clearly taking it up.

    I now just need to decide how often to water the cuttings - advice here would be appreciated seeing as they are lavender and clearly won't like soggy compost.

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