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I inherited an old grapevine in my new house 5 yrs ago.  I haven't done anything to it during that time other than prune it now and again cut off straggly branches but I feel I should be doing more.  The base is very thick and has quite thick side branches andhas been trained up and along a trellis.  I have had to cut some of the side branches and I noticed that some of the ties are extremely tight almost cutting into the branches hence my request for some advice. It hasn't had any fruit this year and some of the leaves look like they have rust.   Not sure whether to try to revitalise this old oneor start again with a new one.  Any advice would be appreciated.  - Val

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  • PerkiPerki Rossendale - LancashirePosts: 2,288

    Hi bluebell - remove / loosen / replace the excessively tight ties, it will be ring barking the vine which can cause other problems.  Are you sure its rust ? its more liking to be scorched. Its common for  grape vine to suffer magnesium deficiency, epsom salt once or twice a year will help with leaf health. 

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