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Can you identify this rose? ????


Morning All,

We inherited this rose when we moved in, it was very small & soon became very leggy (well over 6ft tall!) & therefore I think it's actually a climbing rose.

I'm thinking of moving it somewhere it can climb. Currently it's in the middle of a flower bed with nothing to grab onto.

I'm new to gardening, been learning over the summer & hoping someone can tell me the name of this rose? ????????

thank you,

Fran x


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,237

    Maybe give it support with an obelisk? Moving long established roses is not always successful. You could take a hard wood cutting to try another place.

  • Thank you finget bones - will look at getting an obelisk xmas 

  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 8,331

    This is probably 'Desdemona' or 'Claire Austin', but I would need to see a lot  more of the plant, including buds, blooms, and whole bush photos [no hands please], to be more definitive.. an idea of when it was most likely planted would also help.

    Incidentally, these are shrub roses that will throw up long canes which will climb if the gardener allows it, and provides support..

    East Anglia, England
  • image imageimageimage

    Hi Marlorena,

    Thanks for your reply! Just had a look online & yes looks a bit like the Desdemona.

    I have attached some more photos of the plant to help identify. Unfortunately im not sure how long it's beenin situ, as we only moved into the house in Feb this year, I've left this flowerbed til last, due to the hole in the fence hence large piece of wood lol! My mum cut it back in Feb but has sprung up again.

    What would you do with this plant, use an Obelisk or add a trellis etc? 

    I love DA roses so would be thrilled if it's one, just need to know how to make it a bit more tidy!  : )


  • MarlorenaMarlorena Posts: 8,331

    Oh, thanks for those photos, that's very good....  I might go with 'Claire Austin' looking at the growth habit, as it's become quite tall and lanky, is the older of the two, and wants to climb into that apple tree - those apples look nice, I hope your neighbour gives you some ..

    You have a few choices here for next season... for now just leave it and let those buds flower at the top, but if you want to keep the length you will have to train those canes horizontally along the top of the fence, I think I can see some nails already in situ, so you could perhaps carefully bend those canes down and tie in with some string, some canes going right and some left, but if mine I would prune it down to fence height next month, for winter, and next Spring prune again below the fence level and after the first flush next July, I would want to keep it as a shrub, it's easier,  which you can do with these if you want, otherwise it'll just try to turn itself into a climber again...and as you can see it gets lanky if you don't do the horizontal training.

    You can use an obelisk, I would want one 6 foot above ground height, planted to the right of the bush where you have one of those lights?...I would prune the rose right down to mid fence height next Spring, virtually starting off again with it,  and then train the new growth towards the obelisk and twirl it around as it grows..

    Choice is yours really....

    It's easy to keep as a shrub if you are ruthless with the pruning after the first flush..

    I wish my nails were as nice as yours....  

    East Anglia, England
  • Thank you Marlorena, you have been really helpful!

    As you can see I have not pruned it since Feb, so that's probably where I have gone wrong! Yes I agree, I think keeping as a shrub will probably be best... although obelisk is very pretty.

    will have to teach myself how to prune roses properly, as I've planted the DA Charlotte rose elsewhere & can see that it already has some very long shoots - must be doing the same thing! : )

    Thanks so much again!


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