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Hi all,

Firstly, I wondered whether it's ok to keep cuttings ticking over in my vitopod without any vent opening?  I've had cuttings in there for 2 wks now but there is no rooting to speak of I don't think, though one or two specimens are showing some signs of little green shoots  (lilac and spirea), one spirea cutting actually has some aerial roots maybe 7mm long from where two stems fork / branch, never expected that!   I'm honestly not sure as to whether I should be opening vents or not or whether cuttings can grow for a few months without any ventilation.

Second, is someone able to help me group these plants according to when they would be expected to root?  Rooting times for groups would be helpful also.

Spirea, viburnum tinus, verbena bonariensis, lavender, hebe, rose (young soft growth), euonymus alatus, geranium (perennial), heuchera, buddleia, acer palm,atum, syringa vulgaris, hydrangea, fuschia

Thanks all 


  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053

    Don't know what a vitapod is. Is it a propagator?

    as for the cuttings - depends on whether they are softwood cuttings or hardwood cuttings. Hardwood cuttings can take up to a year to root like roses but normally they are just popped into a trench in the garden And left to get on with it. Most other cuttings take as long as they take. Even if you take a dozen cuttings of one plant I find they all take different times. 

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  • Yes it is a propagator.

    Most of the cuttings are semi ripe with a few softwood.

  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,627

    Patience.  Cuttings can take several weeks to start producing roots and then need to be left alone to develop a bit.  You also need to kep an eye on them in case any rot off so you can remove them before they affect the rest.

    Have a look here for a few tips - 

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  • Yes, I've read that link many times.

    I just wondered whether, 2 weeks on, I need to open vents or not?  I also have a fresh batch that I've just put in there, so I'm guessing not.     Ive been removing rotted ones here and there fairly promptly.

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