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Maple placement


A couple of questions regarding where best to place two maples I currently have in the garden. The green one pictured was bought for 75p about 3 years ago, and was nothing but a twig really. I repotted, and left it in a sheltered seems to have thrived with what little attention I have given it. I've just repotted again into a substantially bigger tub. I hope it continues to grow as well as it has been doing. The first question I have is, do green maples prefer well sheltered location, protected from strong winds and direct sunlight? I've heard wind can burn the delicate leaves and direct sun will cause scorch. Any advice much appreciated. 

The second maple was bought cheap also but this is a deep maroon variant, although the leaves are beginning to turn a dark green from the centre outwards. Again, it has mainly been kept out of the sun but I seem to recall that the red maples are more tolerant of sun and wind than the green ones. Is this true or am I mistaken? 

Any words/thoughts kindly received. 




  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 30,015

    All Japanese maples  enjoy shelter from wind as it desiccates the foliage and turns it brown and crispy.  Since the foliage is the main attraction, best to avoid such damage.

    Purple acers colour up best in some sun but green ones usually like dappled shade.

    They like neutral to acid soil with good moisture retention but not boggy so a mix of ericaceous compost and John Innes no 3 is best for future growth.   Keep the moist thru the growing season and until leaf drop.  Feed them in spring and remove any dead twigs after winter frosts are over.

    I think it would be a good idea to apply a mulch of pebbles, slate chippings, gravel, chipped bark or expanded clay pellets after a good drink as this will help with moisture retention as well as keeping down weeds.  Looks good too.

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  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,145

    Hello Dan1974

    I've always found with Japanese Maples that the red forms can tolerate full sunshine ;  the green forms need dappled shade , but the golden leaved forms require dappled shade plus shelter from drying winds which seem to dessicate the delicate foliage .

    All appreciate a relatively free-draining but moist acidic soil with constant moisture throughout the year . Originating from climatic zones with heavy rainfall , frequent mist and fog and a relatively temperate climate , these conditions can sometimes be difficult to emulate .

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    If in pots , use only rainwater and a plant food (low nitrogen) which contains trace elements .

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