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Shrub near house?


We are renovating the front of our 1930s house, and have a small corner put aside in the gravel drive for what I thought was going to be a tree, but now think maybe should be a shrub. It's right next to the house, hence root worries etc. I'd like something that won't go too bushy outwards, as the drive is small; however, there's a bin store next to it and I'd like the shrub to be visible over that - i.e., something with reasonable height. The rest of the garden has a mix of Japanese blood grass, succulents and sempervivums, so something architectural/modern would be good. Any thoughts? Thank you!


  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,129

    With a plant mix like that have you thought of planting a smallish palm tree ; Chamaerops excelsa or something like ?

    I have a slow- growing blue form of this , and seems quite hardy where I live (Lincolnshire) .

    For less than £100 you could get a substantial specimen for instant architectural effect .

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