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Our School Garden: Ideas??


We are trying to utilise our space in the most efficient possible way in our school garden. As you can see, we are using containers. The orange bench upon which small pots now lay could be used for something else, perhaps a place for climbers for sweet peas? 

Up until last week, the circular containers were used to grow onions, sweet peas, coriander and lettuce. The rectangular containers were used to grow chives, lettuce and spinach.

Also, if anyone can suggest any vegetables/herbs which will be suitable for planting now in Autumn it would be a great help. 

The climate of Ireland is mild, moist and changeable with abundant rainfall and a lack of temperature extremes and the location is exposed to plenty of light.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!




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  • The RHS have an established schools garden scheme with lots of advice activity packs etc.

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  • Gal2Gal2 Posts: 36

    Hi Iain, 

    Thank you for your reply. I am aware of the RHS material but I just thought the forum would be a good place to get a few ideas from other gardeners. 

    All ideas are welcome!


  • Gal2Gal2 Posts: 36

    Also, if anyone can suggest how we can best utilise the space where the orange bench is? I am thinking about removing it and creating a raised bed space to plant more vegetables but I am unsure how to go about constructing this.

    Thanks again!

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    I think the latest trend with recycling pallets and using them in lots of inventive ways are very interesting for schools and learning to think about planting in different ways. They are space saving and they can be hung on walls. See the link for ideas and you will see what even leaning one up will look like once painted. Very versatile for lots of plants from succulents to small potted plants including herbs.

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    The "bench wall" would be great for growing peas.  If you can get hold of a couple of long planks to box off the front of the breeze blocks to make a narrow but deep planter. A simple wooden frame covered with pea netting secured to the wall would be inexpensive to make.  There are loads of recycled trellis ideas on pinterest (stripped bed frames etc) as well at pallet planters.  

    If you wanted to get the children involved, they could each have a couple of pea seeds to start off in a loo roll inner (sat in a yoghurt pot, for the drips). Sow in March and keep on a windowsill indoors, when it comes to planting out time you can put them in the trench, roll 'n' all. Less root disturbance and the cardboard breaks down in the soil.

    Another fun vertical gardening idea is "tipsy pots".  They would look great filled with nasturtiums, another one that is easy for children to grow.  Large seeds work well with little hands ??.

    Sorry I can't help more with autumn veg ideas.

  • Autumn veg for speedy results salads that  either will grow fast before winter or overwinter lambs lettuce Mizzuna, Rocket,Mibuna,Mustard etc. Winter density lettuce(like little gem but hardier). Possibly turnips if you sow soon. To stand over winter Broad Beans are a classic but your beds look a bit shallow (are they on hard standing?). Maybe "the Sutton" as they are a shorter variety than the classic Aquadulce in it's various forms. They will not crop till spring. Over winter peas are not as hardy as Broad Beans but worth a go if you can protect them.

    For flowers then spring bulbs are the obvious perhaps edge the beds with these.

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