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Tree roots

We're in the process of replacing a large driveway however there are a lot of tree roots growing under the existing drive which is currently breaking it up and we obviously don't want this to happen to the new driveway. Is there anyway to kill off these roots if possible without killing the actual trees. Open to any/all suggestions as this is proving to be a major problem. Thanks 


  • KT53KT53 Posts: 8,054

    As the roots supply the nutrients and water required to keep the tree healthy it's difficult to imagine a way of removing major roots without doing damage to the tree.  That's certainly true if the roots are large enough to damage the driveway.  Removing roots from one side of a large tree also has the potential to make it dangerously unstable, particularly in high winds.

  • Yes I appreciate it's not ideal however I really do need to find a solution to this issue. I'm sure that there is a way to sort it somehow. I certainly don't think the roots we've found are the main arterial roots as they are not big enough

  • KT53KT53 Posts: 8,054

    If they are comparatively small roots you can cut them and dig them out.  As you are redoing the driveway anyway that shouldn't be too much of a problem.  What sort of diameter are the roots which are causing the problem?

  • That's what we have been doing so far but concerned that they will just throw out more shoot etc. 

    The largest about 5-7 cms diameter with loads of smaller offshoots they are sort of veined out through the driveway. The area has a lot of trees around it unfortunately some are ours which are conifers and we aren't really bothered if they die as awful as that sounds the others are great big enormous things not sure what on a piece of neglected land ? 

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