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how to care for Cotoneaster Franchetii

Hi    I have a Cotoneaster Franchetii which just arrived in my garden thanks to the birds.


Can any one tell me how to look after it - do I prune will the berries are still on it.    I just want to trim back the long branches if poss


  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,062

    Cotoneasters are extremely versatile either as a hedge or solitary shrubs . If having already flowered , as the berries indicate , just prune back to the required shape taking care not to lose the fruits .

  • You can nip them back now, if you want, the plant is tough enough. It's naturally a leggy thing when young, but will slow as you early summer prune to keep it in shape and as it ages.  Makes a nice neat hedge in time.  However, if you want it to flower and produce fruit, then I'm afraid you'll have to let it have its head a bit because pruning in summer will lose you flower and therefore berry, too. So, a tidy up in spring might let the plant flower and fruit and keep it in shape.


  • thank all for the help - much appreciated.image

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