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What is this?

This little bush has just appeared in our garden, probably from some seeds dropped by a passing bird. Can anyone tell me what it is, please? We live in the centre of France.image


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    Do you have another picture of this plant in the ground? It's quite hard to tell the colours and shape. But it looks a bit like Solanum Capsicastrum,  the Jerusalem Cherry.

  • Here is the whole plant in situ.image

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    It does look like the Solanum Capsicastrum. Looking very healthy and probably a wall will keep it sheltered. Not sure of the temperatures at night in central France over the winter months, but I wouldn't be surprised if it survives outside. They're usually sold as house-plants in the UK.

  • Thank you very much. It is next to a wall right now, but we are in fact hoping to move it to a more central part of the garden in the autumn.

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    Well good luck with that, but I would leave it there as it will get protection from the wall from winds and any pending frost. 

  • Thank you very much. I have in fact now transplanted it, and it does not appear to have suffered from the move.

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    That sounds good. This plant will look great from now right up to the coldest months if not damaged.

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