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Bare Root Rose Help

Afternoon all image

I've just seen a beautiful David Austin bare root rose that i'd love to add to my garden but I just wanted to check if I could indeed plant a bare root rose in a container?

Has anyone fine this and had success?

I have 4 other roses in containers all thriving but I didn't plant them from bare roots.

It's a hybrid tea and would be in a very large pot.

Thanks kindly 


  • Bright starBright star Wrea GreenPosts: 1,007

    I planted a DA bare root rose in a large pot last winter and it has been wonderful (Charlotte) I put the bare root in a bucket of water overnight and planted it next day. It's planted in JI no 3 and the pot has good drainage and crocks in the bottom. I've had plenty of flowers and still going strong. They need feeding more often in pots and a good soaking every few days. 

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  • MrsFoxgloveMrsFoxglove SurreyPosts: 180

    Oh perfect, thanks for that feedback Bright Star. I'm off to order mine now then. I can't wait for November now image

    Gives me time to find the perfect pot too! 

  • MrsFoxgloveMrsFoxglove SurreyPosts: 180

    How exciting Doghouse Riley image

    I could've gone wild and ordered lots more but decided to be sensible (for a change) ha ha 

    I love the look of David Austin's "Charlotte" and also the "Gertrude Jekyll" but I'll save those for next year.

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