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overwatering plugs

i have managed to kill 36 perennial plugs, i'm sure from overwatering. i have tried watering with a fine rose, dropping water on the compost, watering from the bottom but however little water i seem to give renders the compost very wet. i have lost them in stages over a 3 week period

i made a mistake in putting the plugs in 2 inch pots which i now know is too small. i have more plugs expected today and am getting very worried about it

i don't have either a greenhouse or a spare windowsill large enough but i do have a cold frame, can i put them in that once potted up?


  • That's an impressive amount of destruction, but don't worry you're in very good company here, practice makes perfect, chin up what what.

    It might be useful to know what the plugs are as their requirements won't all be identical.

    A cold frame could work but it can be hard to remember to water them occasionally over the winter.  I have a bad habit of leaving plants in my greenhouse over winter and forgetting to look after them (gardening is not so much part of my routine in winter as there's often little to do regularly).  If you can find space for one or two inside over winter they may thrive.  Otherwise find the most sheltered spot you can and cross your fingers!

  • As Bob says it depends a bit on what the plants are and what the weather /temperature wind etc. Keep  on the dryer side of moist if that is not too much of a contradiction in terms. If you water from below then remove from the water tray & allow to drain. Do not re-water until they begin to dry somewhat. This may be a day or several days depending on factors above. Plant roots need air as well as water & food

    AB Still learning

  • Thank you both

    the plant s I am expecting are as follows

    primrose, pansy, viola, polyanthus

    berkheya pupurea (new to me)

    verbena, echinacea, coreopsis, digitalis, Armenia ballerina, scabiosa

    thanks again

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