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Laurel hedge was great for 5 years crinkling new growth

I planted a cherry laurel hedge 5 years ago, every Spring I have pruned with secateurs and it has been healthy, dark green & grown great. This year I cut with hedge trimmers as it's now quite a size. I have noticed all new leaves are crinkly, some larger leaves have yellowing spots and the whole thing looks less dense. I think the ground is perhaps a little dry too. I have started watering nightly & just looking into feeds but wondering if it was the trimming with a machine that has caused this? Also, I have lots of liquid veg feed & wondered if I can use this?

Any assistance greatly received, don't want to loose my lovely hedge!  Thank you.


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700

    If your hedge is five years old, it's less likely it's a water issue, although it has been pretty dry this year and improving growing conditions means less likely to develop issues. They are tough shrubs and will take a lot, including the usage of a hedge trimmer. Not ideal as it cuts leaves in half and that can leave wounds open to wet and develop bacterial problems. But, normally, they will bounce back from that.

    Just prune away the distorted growth and wait and see what happens with the new growth. 

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  • Thank you so much 'Borderline' for taking the trouble to assist, much appreciated. I have always cut manually to keep the leaves whole but the hedge is now very big! Today I have trimmed back including all the crinkly bits, so fingers crossed.

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