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New to green manure

I am taking on a vegetable patch in my son-in-laws garden next year as a trial. The patch is curently full of weeds and I am thinking that once I clear it I should sow a green manure to overwinter in preparation for next year.  I usually only grow flowers.  Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank y 


  • PlashingPlashing Posts: 324

    Last week I sowed green manure autumn mix which you can sow from September to November or through to early February if soil is not cold or waterlogged, or anytime when theres is an area of soil that needs improving,one word of advice don't let the seeds set.I hope that helps. Regards Peter

  • PlashingPlashing Posts: 324

    Hi its me again just to inform you that you might be interested in watching Beechgrove Garden  on B.B.C 2 Sunday morning at 8.30 am  they are sowing green manure different mixes I have been looking at their fact sheet which you can get if you look on their web site. Regards Peter

  • Many thanks Peter, that's really helpful.  I have made a note to watch Beechgrove and I am about to look up their fact sheet. Regards Mulberry Badger

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