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I am planning on planting a climbing rose in a very large trough planter growing up a brick wall to accompany a clematis. Which rose would you recommend is better? 

Thanks in advance.


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    I have Rosa Gertrude Jekyll in my garden as a shrub and can vouch for it being vigorous and would have been better grown as a short climber had I realised how strong a performer it was. The scent is lovely and the colour is beautiful and looks great with other blue/ purple toned plants. It has been in flower for months and is still going strong, however it is very thorny. Despite that I think it deserves a place in any garden, it's a classy rose and I just keep pruning it back a little to keep it looking more shrub like. 

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  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 11,126

    I also grow GJ as a beautiful shrub rose. The scent is exceptional.
    The shrub can be used as a short climber - to about 6ft. Or you can buy a GJ climbing rose which will get to 12ft+

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    That's great, it  needs to climb up a garage wall so the 6ft growth would be plenty. As a novice do you treat the shrub the same as a climber and just train it in the direction you wish? I just assumed I would have to buy a climbing variety? 


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    Both are gorgeous roses, but there are some differences.

    Zephirine Drouhin has poor disease resistance, but is not thorny. It is quite vigorous, can get up to 15' so may be too big for a pot. It is a good one if you need it for a shadier place.

    Gertrude Jekyll has good disease resistance, but it is thorny. It is shorter, 10'. I have a shrub one in a pot, but it's behaving like a climber! Whereas the 2 shrubs I planted by a trellis are staying shorter and behaving like shrubs. It comes as a shrub or a climber.

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  • I think I am going to go for Gertrude Jekyll, any recommendations of online suppliers that are trusted?

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    It is a David Austin rose so my OH bought mine bare root for me from David Austin, for Christmas, but they didn't come straight away, think they arrived in February. They were good plants. They are a bit cheaper bare root. A lot of garden centres sell them in pots, so you can choose your plant, but I don't know what the stock is like this time of year.

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  • Thank you ? 

  • I buy direct from David Austin and have bought potted and bare root.  I prefer bare root and they have always put plenty of growth on. Just stand it in a bucket of water for a few hours before planting

    Life's tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late.

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