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  • My sedum cutting has lots of root now. I took two more about two weeks ago and one of those has started growing roots, just spotted this evening.

    I also took five penstemon cuttings which haven't rooted but are still looking very much alive. I'm misting the leaves.

    and - two salvia mainacht cuttings which haven't rooted, but have started growing new leafy shoots from below the water level, where I'd have expected the roots to be.

    Ive also noticed that my first sedum cutting (which rooted a while ago) is growing flower shoots from the same nodes that the roots are already coming from.

    Has anyone else found root and leaf growing from the same point?
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    That's interesting. Do you keep your water clean?
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  • 10 penstemen cuttings all rooted well, potted up and are now out the bottom of the 1lt pots.
    Would it be better to leave them potted up through the winter or plant them out now ? 
  • I would keep them in their pots over the winter @owd potter , pinching out the top few inches off the tallest shoots - encouraging a bushy plant ready to be planted out when all chances of winter frost and snow have passed - so possibly March or April.  Keep the plant in as light a position as possible, if you have a greenhouse then overwinter the plants in there.  Keep them moist until the winter has really set in. I am sure you will receive further replies - we all have our own methods that work for us - depending where we live and the facilities we have.  Maybe some will suggest planting out now, and if the plants are strong and substantial then that could be an option.  Perhaps plant 5 out now and hold 5 back to overwinter in their pots.
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    Just to add to GD’s info,  they will probably get powdery mildew over winter, don’t worry about this, in the Spring when the start growing again they will make fresh growth from the bottom and you cut all that mildew off. It’s not a problem.
     I don’t think I’ve ever had penstemon cuttings with out and they are fine once they grow on and are planted out. 
    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • Thank you @Guernsey Donkey2, @Lyn 
    think I will do as suggested and plant out 5 and overwinter 5 in the potting shed.
    A little experiment to see which group fare better come next April...
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    So my weigela, buddleja and penstemon cuttings have no visible roots but the bottom of the cuttings it’s like the cellulose has swollen up with water and tried to burst out. They’ve been in the water for ages. Chucked them in soil now. 

    Progress so far is 1 coleus and 2 osteos which are nicely potted up. 
    Fuschia failed and I have no more non-flowering shoots to play with.
  • just for interest, 
    not only have these Penstemen rooted well, but some are attempting to flower. 
    These were all cuttings in a jar taken mid August!, vigorous aren't they?...
    The 5 on the box will be in the ground today the others (now 6 as a further cutting rooted and I have just potted up) I will overwinter as cuttings

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    Wow! Did you label them? I wont know what I've got until they flower.
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  • The newer sedum cuttings have started to root.

    The penstemon haven't rooted yet but they're still alive.

    This is what the salvia cuttings are doing. No roots but new shoots.
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