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Bugs in my potted plants


I have a few inside pot plants and have dealt with things like aphids and green fly before, however in 1 of my plants there are these little bugs, they look a little bit like lice.  

I have taken a video however can't seem to upload it, no point me uploading a photo because you can't see them unless they're moving. 

They are these tiny silvery/black lice bugs. They have caused leaf curl on one of my plants. I have now discovered they have migrated across the room to 2 of my chili plants!   You can't see them in the soil until you blow on it or poke it then the soil starts moving and is crawling with them.

I have tried my bug and aphid spray on them with no luck. I have also tried starving the plants of water which doesn't seem to work either. 

I really don't want these bugs migrating into my other plants. Does anyone know what these might be? 

Any advice would be great! Thanks in advance image

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