moving passionflower

kelmartkelmart Posts: 13

I have a passionflower that has gone mad this year and has choked everything in front of it so i have set up a side of the garden with some trellis of its own , my question is whens the best time to move it ? And should i cut it back first ? 


  • If it is the common Passion flower, you will have the same problem with it wherever you plant it.

    If you are determined to re site it however, leave it til October/November  ( depending where you live ) when it is naturally going to lose its leaves.  Prepare your new planting hole, cut the stems down to a manageable size as you would prune anything and then lift with as much root as possible and pop in the new site.  

  • kelmartkelmart Posts: 13

    Its such a lovely plant and the bees love it so im going to set it on its own away from the other plants , that way i havent got to keep cutting it down ☺

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