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Pruning honeysuckle



I have this small honeysuckle on my wall and I was wondering how do I prune it? 

It has just flowered for the second time this year and I read I should prune immediately after flowering. Does this mean once the flowers have died or do It while they're still on? Sorry if thats a silly question! 

And how far back should I prune when the time comes? It's been lovely in the summer and don't want to ruin it with my inexperience!!! 


  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 14,535

    It looks very bare on the lower part, has it had enough water as it is close to the wall, where it can be dry, or have you pruned it all off?  Don't cut the flowers off! Honeysuckles are pruned in late summer after they have finished flowering. Old plants that have got straggly or full of dead bits can be cut down to about 2 feet tall in the spring. They will regrow and be re-generated. They are pretty vigorous and grow back.

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  • I've not long moved into my house and it was already there, I Haven't touched it or pruned it yet. Do you recommend watering it quite often? The base of it is behind a bush mind you so maybe the rain water isn't getting to it properly.

     I'm very new to gardening. Always lived in a flat so this is my first garden with loads of plants in it and i don't know what to do with them! 

    Got a lot in the back garden too so I've been thrown right in at the deep end!

    thank you for the reply :) 

  • Peter553Peter553 Posts: 65

    I had a similar issued recently with a bigger honeysuckle and it was suggested to leave pruning until winter to just above ground level as suggested above.

    It does seem a bit daunting when you have a new garden and loads of plants. I would suggest identifying plants where possible. Take pics and post them on forum if not sure. Most plants will be identifiable and it can be fun pinning down the correct plant. It was recommended to me to watch what is growing in your garden for a year before make any change . Hope this helps.

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