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Dads Garden Gladioli, do or don't ???????

mousekinmousekin Posts: 28


Dad has had a beautiful show with the GW Gladioli !

However neither of us have grown before and to be honest too much conflicting info out there.!

So those new little corms forming on this years Corms, minute as they are! we throw away this years great Corm and use the piddly little thing for next year???. Yes they are going to be lifted,when foliage has all died down and we figure store when dry ,single layer in a cool place.

Surely we don't have to throw away the original Corm??? That piddly little protuberanceimage surely wont flower next summer?


  • MuddyForkMuddyFork Posts: 435

    It depends whereabouts in the country you are. Gladioli do not like to be left in cold and damp soil, they will rot.  I can leave mine in the ground in southern England.  Do not throw the big bulb away, replant next year.  It will take the new small bulbs years to get to flowering size.

  • mousekinmousekin Posts: 28

    Thanks Guys yes we've decided to lift and grow originals next year. We debated leaving them insitu however with the UK weather even in the South west tis wet and who Knows. Dad will be relieved he's right! :) Thnxs Pauline and muddy fork x

    Up here in Michigan however definitely wouldn't last the winter, although some hardy Perennials manage, that doesnt include us humans, we'll be tucked up warm inside! :)

  • image 

    I put Gladioli in, just have leaves... no flowers and while on the subject of pretty flowers as I cant get a new post on..

    Look at this pretty one

    I am collecting seeds now, I got it in a pack of seeds from Wilko that said 'popular annuals' can anyone tell me what it is?

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,434

    Clarkia elegans

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