Mycorrihizal fungi

I saw Monty using handfuls of this stuff on each plant on last Friday's episode, so decided to check the cost of if out.  It's certainly not cheap, so I'm wondering if anybody has used it, and how much difference it made to growth / success of the plants.

The way Monty was using it would cost several pounds per plant.


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    Yes Monty had a bulk pack which is always a bit cheaper in the long run but most of us won't need that much. I have used this on several occasions and yes it works though many garden very well without it. All plants have an association with Mycorrihzal fungi which occur naturally in the soil. Using these products is said to speed up and increase the extent of the colonising of the roots. I have used it on  plants that have been in pots or a temporary bed for a long time, mature plants that are being moved, fruit trees and soft fruit . All have benefited with rapid establishment/ better productivity in the case of the fruit. 

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