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Mint plant - is it okay? Help!


Don't generally do the forum thing, but one of my mint plants has started acting weird, it completed wilted one day, I got it back to being happy. But it's been really pale and spotty for over a week now, and Im worried it's not just too much sun or water problem.

The plant itself is only around 2-3 months old, maybe only a tiny bit longer. 

Any ideas? 



  • raisingirlraisingirl Posts: 6,998

    It's getting quite 'leggy' and a few of the leaves look a bit scorched. I'd say it's a little too sunny there for it and it needs to be snipped back to just above a pair of leaves low down each stem. It'll then sprout from those leaf nodes and hopefully also from the root itself. They grow better if you pinch out the tops regularly (i.e. make tea or mint sauce or whatever you're keeping it for image )

    They are big plants though - not sure it'll live in that fairly small pot for long.

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  • ButtercupdaysButtercupdays Posts: 4,495

    It's not a house plant. Put it outside somewhere cool, danp and shady and it will romp away. You might need to plant it ia large pot sunk almost to the rim to stop it roaming too far afield.

  • Hello,

    Thank you for the replies! 

    I couldn't agree more honestly, I will give it a bit of love when I get home today! 

    For putting it outside, I'm afraid I was given it, and I'm currently living in a flat, I'm moving in 5 weeks, so I'm trying to keep it alive till then. Because I agree, it does need to be outside, I will happily do so with some other herbs.

    How big should the pot be for outside?

  • raisingirlraisingirl Posts: 6,998
    hollzarr says:

    How big should the pot be for outside?

    See original post

    Mint will fill whatever size pot you give it, so the biggest you can, really. It doesn't need to be very deep - 12 inches is plenty, and then you will have to periodically take it out pull out some of the root and repot it. The bigger the pot, the less often you'll end up doing that. If, for example, you put it in a bucket with holes in the bottom, you'll probably be doing that once a year. You'll have quite a lot of roots of mint you've pulled out to find homes for image

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  • Thank you! 

    I will make sure to find a good sized pot! 

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