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Spotty potatoes

This year I grew a few potatoes in pots.  In terms of size and quantity they all did well; however, one pot produced 2 distinctly different types, one lot very beautiful and the other looking as if suffering from scab.

Does anyone have any idea why that might be, please?  Also, are the potatoes with the afflicted skins safe to eat?  Under the skin they're all absolutely perfect.



  • Hi Artemis

    They don't look very pretty, I'd agree (!) but I don't think it's terminal.  Read what it says here, though I don't understand why only some of the potatoes were affected though they all grew to gether in the same pot.  Lucky, of course.

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 87,923

    Are they all the same variety?  Some varieties are more susceptible to scab than others.

    They're find to eat, just scrape or peel and enjoy/


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  • Artemis3Artemis3 Posts: 748

    Hi Dove, Thank you for your post.  Yes, they were all the same.  I will eat them now knowing they are quite safe as their affliction is only skin deep! image

  • Artemis3Artemis3 Posts: 748

    Hi Danae, Thank you for your reply and the very useful link. 

    As the bacterium is streptococcus something or other, next time I will give my compost a dose of antibiotics before using!

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