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Grass not growing on 1 side of garden

My lawn seems to be flourishing on 1 side of the garden only and not even growing on the other. When its sunny the side with no growth looks like its so dry and almost dead, regular water throughout sunny periods helps the appearance but still little to no growth.

I don't think this is a shade issue seeing as both ends of the garden seem to be getting very similar levels of sunlight but either way I'm not sure how to resolve the issue.

My lawn is now 1 year old having laid sod initially with an overseed of shady grass lawn this spring which filled in the gaps. Its only 12 square meters in size.

Does anyone have any suggestion to remedy this? Pic attached if that helps.


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  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053

    What preparation did you do before laying the turf? And is it a new build house?

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  • Hi, I rotervated (spelling?) the lawn and laid some top soil and it's not a new build house. There was a lot of debris all over the garden, possibly more in the area with less growth but I removed most of it. 

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