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Why has the leaves on my Staghorn tree fell off?

I had a problem with insects eating my shrub plants and I moved my staghorn tree into the centre of my garden to avoid contact with the infected shrub but it looks like the tree has became infected.

It is in a large pot with compost and the leaves have all dried out and are falling off there is some evidence of damage but I can not see any insects or grubs on the tree?

Any ideas what could be wrong?


  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053

    Is it perhaps in a much sunnier spot now and you haven't been watering enough?

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  • dmhaledmhale Posts: 2

    Thanks yes the leaves do look slightly scorched but there is evidence of something eating the leaves or that they are dying off.

    I will post a photo shot if I can that may give a clearer view of what could be the problem.

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