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No more Strimming please....

Hello fellow gardeners, 

I have a decent size garden, around 25m x 20m. Surrounded by close board (sides) & stock fencing (rear). At present, after I have cut the grass, I have to go around strimming all the edges. The strimmer isn't great, it keeps breaking, and is generally frustrating. 

Is there a better way? 

I'm thinking some kind of edging all the way round, but could add up. Any other simple suggestions would be very welcome. 


From sunny Devon



  • We have third of an acre with lots of grass. Borders and terraces.

    I have just killed off about 5 inch strip next to sleepers as the strimming is tedious.  I will lay gravel in the strips and the mower will skim over it.  Hopefully doing away with the need to strim.  If it gets weedy I will weed kill again.

    On border edges I use Everedge and that is perfect. 

  • plant pauperplant pauper Posts: 6,901

    I went mad and bought a better strimmer. A lightweight petrol one. A considered purchase but it makes me so happy every time the string doesn't break but wears away that it was worth every penny! image

  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,541

    I think PP has the answer: Buy a better strimmer.

    If you had a rubbish vacuum cleaner or washing machine, it's what you'd do surely? get a better one?

  • image

    Slight thread hi-jack here. Could anyone recommend a good brushcutter/strimmer? Just moved house and need something pretty juicy to get stuck into this lot.

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  • Thanks for the response. I might do that, but if I can get one that doubles as a strimmer it will be worth it. I'm not one for a neat manicured lawn. I'll look at some Stihl though. 

  • LoxleyLoxley Posts: 5,399

    You could do a cheap mowing strip with pegged boards and gravel. You'd still need to spray or edge it, but much less than otherwise. A row of slabs would be better but as you say, would cost more.

  • Mark56Mark56 Posts: 1,653

    Jimineyc, be sure to check for hedgehogs and other wildlife before strimming all of that. 

  • No worries Mark. I'd say I garden 50/50 for myself and wildlife so I do try and be careful. Ironically this garden has probably never been more wildlife friendly than it is right now.

  • InglezinhoInglezinho Posts: 568

    Plastic lawn edging. It doesn't look pretty at first, but if you let the border plants grow over the lawn a bit, it soon disappears from view. I think I would leave till Spring now. Good luck. Ian

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