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Red spots on hydrangea leaves

A couple of months ago I planted 3 new hydrangeas.  They are small plants that haven't flowered yet and I planted them in dappled shade.  They are growing ok, but red spots have appeared on the leaves.  Is this a disease or a sign that autumn is on the way and the leaves are declining.  If it's a disease or infection, do I need to treat it or will it sort itself out over the winter?  Thanks.


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    Sounds like autumn to me image

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  • It's a tough time of year, summer, especially for hydrangeas. Give them a soaking and wait to see what any new growth looks like. If it emerges fresh and green (and there's still time for a bit to be made), then the plants will be fine.   The spotting is fungal, the result of humid conditions and dryness at the roots can cause the plant to suffer more. 


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