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Some kind of mint?

BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Leicestershire, UKPosts: 11,391

Hi all, this has self-seeded and occasionally comes up in my veg plot.  It's a bee magnet and very pretty so I'd like to put a name to it.  About 2ft tall with leaves between 2 and 4 inches which smell a bit like liquorice when rubbed.


A trowel in the hand is worth a thousand lost under a bush.


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,687

    That looks like a type of Agastache, the giant hyssop. Not sure which one it is.

  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Leicestershire, UKPosts: 11,391

    Thanks for the hint Borderline, a google search seems to indicate it is Agastache rugosa aka Korean mint which is a short-lived perennial in lighter soils.  I'll be saving the seed and growing it in my borders next year.   I might use it to replace the nepeta which flops all over the place and needs too much support. image

    A trowel in the hand is worth a thousand lost under a bush.
  • Bright starBright star Wrea GreenPosts: 1,121

    I have it in my garden and it's been a bee magnet. The flowers and leaves smell of liquorice. 

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  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 8,299

    Yes agastache, lovelly blue, I think they smell like mint!

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