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Replacing a lawn with gravel and borders



  • BMLBML Posts: 146

    I put a membrane down covering it with gravel when we moved here but a few years later I have just taken the membrane and gravel  up again because I got fed up with having to use my Hoe every few weeks to cut back the green shoots which had a small bulb on the end.  I'm replanting the area with grass and at least I can cut the green things that kept pushing through.

    I was interested to read above that a membrane harms the soil and wonder what I should feed the ground with prior to planting the grass.

  • imageI replaced a stupidly small front lawn with gravel. lifted the turf, levelled the ground, put down membrane. Put wooden battens around the edge and used 20mm gravel. I left the borders, but planted stuff thru the membrane. A year in and it's fabulous. No weeds, in fact the plants are so happy I have to keep cutting them back

  • We had a much more stupidly small lawn years ago, it was a terrace house, the "lawn" was 3 feet wide, by 20 feet, I had to take the mower all the way round from my back garden to the end of the terrace, up the path to the front garden, I did try carrying it thru the house, it was too heavy and messy, so yup, down went the weed membrane and pea shingle!

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