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Vine Weevils.

Probably a discussion that has been here many times, but I'm newish to gardening so your help would be appreciated.  

I have adult vine weevils eating a good few of my plants, mainly my laurel hedging which is infested ! Ive done my research and I've now got nematodes waiting to be used . When I put the nematodes into my open ground and pots can I also use a chemical solution, like Provado, to spray the foliage to deter the adults? Or will the chemical harm the nematodes ? 


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    The whole point of using nematodes is to avoid killing bees and all the other beneficial insect that will be harmed if you use Provado. 

    If you use it there's no point in using nematodes. 

    If you carry out regular torchlit inspections in the evenings , checking the soil surface around the base of your plants you can get rid of a large proportion of the adults. That's what we did until the nematodes took effect. 

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    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

  • Thank you.  Will just stick with the nematodes, hopefully solve the problem.

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    Saw my first one a couple of days ago, it was on a letter on top of my washing machine, I hope that doesnt mean its done the "rounds" of my plants in there.Or was it just spying on my post!

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